Folio of P. Jorgensson

Letter I

My dear Lyanna, 

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you once again about my travels. I have stayed here at The Mission Saint Ingolstadt.  Stopped for quite some time enjoying its comforts. I always enjoy coming here the Lord of the Domain has always been friendly. So and I have enjoyed his comfort for some time. Though there are parts that are somewhat sad and languorous. 

However, I can with some joy say that my hungers and my desire for respite have been satisfied. But my excitement in writing you is about what new guests that have appeared at the hotel. 

Recently, it seemed, that the gracious mists have brought in various people from other worlds for its own pleasure. First let me describe who they are. There is a large hulking man who tries to pass himself as anything but giant kin. This Brute disguises himself well and seems to be one with a significant amount of self-control. Though I can sense beneath him a rage that might be beyond the typical giant. Indeed it is something that I think would suit him well in the in all the domains.

The next is The Priest. This priest and his fellows had succumbed so easily and quickly to the pleasures of the inn. As for the other priests they might as well be lost forever. This priest however, seems to have a little conscience and self-control. Though I think that his temperament might be easily shattered. He seems to be a priest of some deity of light. It would be amusing to see how he fares in this land.

The third one is One-That-Couches-in-Shadows. He seems to not understand something of this realm. It will definitely be amusing to watch him the most. For indeed he couches in shadows and yet kicks against the goads that the mist so graciously puts there for him. Will he learns from the mist’s lesson: he who walks in shadows and abides in shadows will be embraced by shadows.

The next is The Warlock. Indeed I can sense that he is attached himself to an eldritch power. Again it would be delightful to see how he fares. This Warlock though comes in the guise of one of the diminutive people that I have seen in Sithicus before. So happy. So lighthearted and yet so connected to the Mists and the Powers that lie within. Who knows? Who knows what wild tempest would come out of his own making? It would be such excitement to see this subject and the others and how they'd fare. 

The last traveler is a Druid who whispers to the trees. I wonder what secrets the trees of this realm would say. The trees of all realms, I wonder. What message would he hear that Sithicus’ elves wouldn’t even dare to speak. I await the first time he tries to speak to the dark cursed woods of Darkon.

These are the new guests about realm. I soon hope that I can write more about their adventures. They are currently trapped in The Hotel Ingolstadt. I wonder if they if they can figure out how to leave. The passage is not so difficult. They can, after all, check out whenever they want, although to leave that is a different task entirely. 

But until then, my dear Lyanna, I shall abide and observe and enjoy. Greet my master and let him know that soon I shall return to his side.

Your most affectionate brother,

P. Jorgensson

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